Your Guide to Understanding the Rise of Hurricane Shutters


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When people first settled into the area to build their houses and experienced their first hurricane, they didn’t have adequate protection against the flying debris. 

Hurricane shutters are one of the most crucial investments you can make for your property. They protect your home from the damaging elements of intense weather conditions and reduce theft risk. These valuable investments also help you enjoy better energy efficiency and boost property value. 

However, as you browse your options for your property, you may wonder about their beginnings and how they became a popular choice among homeowners. This article will explore the humble beginnings of hurricane shutters and the types you can consider. 

Initial Use of Hurricane Shutters 

The industry has long evolved to offer more than mere safety for homeowners during intense weather conditions. Today, their designs can also enhance the appearance of homes. We recommend investing in Bahama and colonial hurricane shutters because they offer safety and boost your home’s aesthetic appeal. 

A Humble History 

It’s been so long since the first person pioneered using something to cover their windows during a hurricane. Unfortunately, they didn’t have access to the same materials that we have today. People didn’t invent plywood until the late 1800s, and it wasn’t readily available in the United States until the early 1900s. This time was likely when many people started using plywood to protect their windows during hurricane season. 

Who Created the Hurricane Shutters? 

Hurricanes bring devastating effects to any area, so someone was two steps ahead in creating something that would protect us from them. While hurricane shutters have been an invaluable resource for residents in storm-prone areas, it’s unfortunate that their creator is unknown. Still, every business owner or homeowner remains forever grateful to whoever helped us defend ourselves against the destructive forces of hurricanes. 

What Led to the Rise in the Different Types of Shutters?

The need for light during a storm urged people to develop different types of hurricane shutters. While everybody knows it’s hard to cope with a dark house for extended periods, you may ask yourself, “Why not use another light source, like a lamp?” Unfortunately, that question will only work if you’re not living in Florida. 

Power outages are typical but highly frustrating during hurricane season, meaning the house can be dark when you set up the hurricane shutters. Fortunately, thanks to people’s creative thinking, we already have multiple solutions that allow light to enter while protecting your home against the elements. 

Types of Hurricane Shutters 

After discussing the origins and how they emerged into today’s stylish safety option, this section will enumerate three types of hurricane shutters you can consider for your home. 

1. Plywood Shutters

Plywood has become essential in storm-prone areas for protecting windows from hurricanes. With its increasing popularity in earlier times, it became common for residents and commercial property owners to store plywood in their garage, shed, or attic so they can readily board up their windows when a storm arrives. 

You should also remember that while plywood is affordable and in good condition, you should get yours early and use them wisely because it can be in short supply during a storm.

2. Bahama Shutters

People can open and close this type of hurricane shutter like a door. When open, they shade and let air circulate in the house. However, they can also block out too much light and obstruct the outdoor view. 

3. Colonial Shutters

Colonial shutters are a decorative and practical way to protect your home from storms. Available in wood or aluminum, they’re also available in decorative versions for non-hurricane-prone areas.


To this day, the original creator of the hurricane shutters remains a mystery, but every property owner in hurricane-prone areas is forever thankful for this worthwhile contribution. You can get the best protection for your home by working with professional contractors.

Contact Hurricane Shutter Company Fort Myers if you need high-quality hurricane shutters in Bonita Springs, FL! We offer different types of shutters for your property because storm safety is always our business. Call us now, and let’s help you create a safer home!

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