Signs Indicating That Your Hurricane Shutters Need Repairs

Hurricane Shutters

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The installation of hurricane shutters is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of your home during a hurricane. Even if you already have them set up, check to see that they are in good working order before a storm hits. In this article, we’ll go through a few signs indicating it’s time to get those hurricane shutters fixed.

  • Clear Signs of Cracks

Cracked hurricane shutters will not be able to withstand the force of a hurricane’s winds and should be replaced before the next season. Flying debris is a leading cause of damage to hurricane shutters. Extremely powerful gusts of wind during a storm can lift heavy things, such as tree limbs, scraps of metal, and even cars. Your shutters are susceptible to damage from collisions with these items. Storm winds can also smash shutters.

Storms might cause damage to your property if the hurricane aluminum panel shutters are not properly secured. Shutters aren’t the only thing that can be harmed by this practice; your property as a whole is at risk as well. To avoid this, check that your shutters are securely fastened before a storm arrives. If they have been damaged, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a repair company.

  • Improper Installation

Your home will not be protected from hurricanes if the hurricane shutters are not fitted correctly. A basic understanding of the difference between temporary and permanent storm shutters is a good place to start. Permanent hurricane aluminum panel shutters are normally built from metal and are fastened or screwed into your home’s framework. In contrast, temporary shutters are typically constructed from plywood or pressboard and fastened in place using nails, screws, or straps. You may now use the information you’ve gained to compare your shutter’s performance to the recommendations made in the manufacturer’s guidelines for installing it.

These instructions will inform you how far away the shutters should be installed from the windows and doors. A list of recommended fasteners (screws, nails) will also be provided. Be sure to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer when setting them up. Verify that the shutters are undamaged and the mounting hardware is in place.

  • Clear Signs of Edges

If you can peer through your hurricane shutters and see daylight, they are not sealed properly and will not keep the elements out.

  • Loose Shutters

Another warning sign that your hurricane shutters are not correctly fastened is if they rattle when the wind blows. Be sure the aluminum accordion shutters are properly attached to your house.

  • Noticeable Spaces Between the Frame and the Shutter Panels

The spaces between the panels and the frame indicate that your hurricane shutters require maintenance. The lack of a tight fit between the shutter panels and the frame is not only aesthetically unpleasing but also dangerous in the event of a storm. Wind and rain can get in through the cracks and ruin your valuables or even weaken the structure of your house. Moreover, holes in the panels let flying objects sneak in and damage your house.

Immediately fixing any separation that appears between the aluminum accordion shutters’ panels and the frame is essential. The first thing to do is try to figure out what’s triggering the issue. Missing or loose screws or nails are the most common source of gaps. In most cases, the issue can be resolved by simply tightening or replacing the fasteners in question. Shutter panels should be replaced if they have been damaged to the point that they allow light to escape.


If your hurricane shutters are showing any of the above signs, then it is time to have them repaired. By catching the problem early, you can avoid more costly repairs or replacements down the road. Call a professional to help you out, and you will never even have to worry about handling most of the workload.

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