Weathering the Storm: Preparing for a Hurricane in Fort Myers, FL


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It’s no secret that Floridians are no strangers to hurricanes. In fact, the state is pretty much synonymous with the storms at this point. And while we may be used to them, that doesn’t mean we’re any less terrified when one is headed our way. Hurricane season officially runs from June 1st to November 30th, but we all know that storms can happen anytime. 

In the last few years, we’ve seen hurricanes form as early as May and as late as December. We may not be able to prevent hurricanes from happening, but we can certainly be prepared for them. With hurricane season upon us, it’s time to start preparing your home and family for the possibility of a storm. 

Here are some tips on how to weather the storm and keep your home and family safe in Fort Myers, FL.

How to Protect and Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane in Florida

Tip #1: Know Your Hurricane Risk

Florida is divided into two hurricane zones – the east coast and the west coast. If you live on the east coast, you’re at a higher risk for hurricanes than if you live on the west coast. Make sure you know which hurricane zone you live in and take steps accordingly. More importantly, stay up-to-date and get tips for creating a hurricane plan from sources like the following:

  •’s Make a Plan site
  • The State of Florida’s Guide
  • Fort Myers Hurricane Prep Guide

Tip #2: Plan and Prep in Advance

The first step is to have a plan. Know what you will do if a hurricane is headed your way. Will you evacuate or ride it out at home? If you evacuate, plan where you will go and how you will get there. And make sure you have an emergency kit packed and ready to go.

If you plan to stay home, ensure your home is as prepared as possible. Start by stocking up on supplies like non-perishable food, water, and batteries. You should also have a generator on hand in case of a power outage. And finally, make sure your home is in good repair. If you have any loose shutters or missing roof tiles, now is the time to fix them.

Tip #3: Stay on Top of Hurricane Websites and Alert Services

As a Floridian, you know that hurricane season is a time to be extra vigilant. You know to keep an eye on the weather reports and to have a plan in place in case a storm is headed your way. But did you know that there are several websites and alert services that can help you stay on top of the latest hurricane information?

One of the best ways to stay informed and be prepared for a hurricane is to sign up for hurricane websites and alert services. There are a number of these services available, and they can provide you with up-to-date information on the path of a hurricane, as well as warnings and alerts if a hurricane is headed your way.

Some of the most popular hurricane websites and alert services include:

  • FEMA Mobile App & texts
  • National Weather Service Alerts Website For Florida by County
  • National Hurricane Center site

So, if you want to stay on top of the latest hurricane information, be sure to check out the websites and alert services listed above.

Tip #4: Get to Know Your Local Hurricane Evacuation Zone and Set an Evacuation Plan

The best way to protect your home and family during a hurricane is to have a plan. That plan should include knowing your local hurricane evacuation zone and having a route and destination in mind should you need to evacuate. Knowing your evacuation zone and having a plan in place will go a long way toward keeping you safe during this potentially dangerous time.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Planning for a Hurricane

While it’s impossible to completely protect yourself from a hurricane, there are steps you can take to minimize the damage to your home and property. After all, the best way to protect your home and family during a hurricane is to be prepared. 

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